Daisuke Shimada

Filmmaker  also Photographer  based in Tokyo.
Shimada’s films explore the idea of between moving image and photo image.




Exhibition & Book

[10year] photo exhibition 12th Mar~14th Mar 2021 @ykck TOKYO
時光[Jikoh] photo book  2020 (self publishing)
[#photographer] Group Exhibition 29 Mar~28 Apl 2019 @ Parallel Space Hong Kong
[mend] film exhibition 1st Dec ~14th Dec 2018 @ 104galerie TOKYO
[fuyu-no] photo exhibition 10th JUNE~19th JUNE 2016 @aotori TOKYO
[fuyu-no] zine 2016
[Mathilde] 3rd photo exhibition Zyane 2nd Dec~13th Dec 2014 @cotoha KYOTO
[Mathilde] 2nd photo exhibition Zyane 24th Oct~1th Nov 2014 @C7C NAGOYA
[Mathilde] photo exhibition 24th June~29th June 2014 @SUNDAYISSUE TOKYO
[Mathilde] photo book 2014 (Butter publishing)

           Aword & Screening

Cannes Lions 2015/ Branded content&entertainment on silver
BOVA2015 /ad film Grandprix
London International Awards 2014 /Animation Motion Graphic GOLD
NYC ADC 93rd /Annual Awards BRONZE
D&AD 2009/ Nomination, Sound Design & Use of Music
One Show/ Interactive Merit, Product-Specific Subsites
MusicVideoAwordJapan/ best video
23th TAMA CINEMA FORUM /Screening